Sydney's best functional & aesthetic gynaecology clinic

The Elsa Clinic is a functional and aesthetic gynaecology clinic set up by specialist gynaecologist, Dr Sonya Jessup. We provide not only excellence in routine gynaecology care but in addition, acknowledge a woman’s need for both a sense of personal satisfaction with her sexual appearance and sexual function.

The Elsa Clinic treats women with a carefully considered selection of some of the newest devices and technologies available worldwide to assist women to achieve the same quality of life they enjoyed prior to carrying and delivering their children.

An initial consultation with our Gynaecologist is mandatory. This includes a thorough history, examination, ultrasound scan, infection screening, blood and urine tests. Based on the results of the initial workup, clients are advised whether their individual situation would be best treated medically, surgically or whether they would be well suited to treatment with one of the newer specialised non-surgical options.

Core abdominals
Core abdominals

Our specialised treatment options include:

Dryness & itching
Vaginal Laxity
General Gynaecology
Emsella Chair
Juliet Laser

Our Doctors

Dr Sonya Jessup


Dr Sonya Jessup is a pioneer Gynaecologist and female Fertility Specialist based in South & Western Sydney.


She established The Elsa clinic after recognising the need for better, non-surgical treatment options for women, in particular those with urinary incontinence and post-pregnancy issues. She is passionate about women’s gynaecological health not only for function but for achieving personal satisfaction. Read more

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Cosmetic Gynaecology

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